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Hunter Wetlands believes in fostering a community of nature enthusiasts who share a passion for the unique ecosystems that surround us. Our membership offers you more than just access; it provides a key to unlock the wonders of wetlands, allowing you to explore, connect, and engage with the vibrant biodiversity that thrives within.

Membership Inclusions

  • Annual Pass

Gain unlimited access to the breathtaking landscapes of the Hunter Wetlands Centre throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of wetlands, birdwatching spots, and walking trails whenever the mood strikes.

  • Free Plant

As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a complimentary plant to cultivate your own green oasis at home. Let the beauty of nature extend beyond our wetlands and into your own backyard.

  • Members-Only Events

Dive deeper into the world of wetlands conservation with exclusive access to members-only events. From guided nature walks to behind-the-scenes experiences, these events offer a unique perspective on the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

  • Discounts on Selected Events

Enjoy special privileges with discounted rates on selected events. Whether it's educational workshops, family-friendly activities, or wildlife presentations, your membership ensures you have a front-row seat at a fraction of the cost.

  • Voting Rights at the AGM

Play an active role in shaping the future of the Hunter Wetlands Centre by exercising your voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. Your voice matters, and as a member, you contribute to the decision-making process that guides our conservation initiatives.

Become a Friend of the Wetlands

By donating $25 a month when you sign up to be member. For only a small tax deductible donation each month you can help us to continue to focus on what we do best, conserving and restoring these beautiful grounds.

As a volunteer run organisation, every dollar helps us to be able to continue transforming and conserving our local wetlands, so that our community and the many animals that rely on this environment can continue enjoying it.

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